At Ericeira Atlantic we are absolutely committed to offering you a unique experience during your stay in Ericeira.

For this same reason, we have developed several partnerships in order to present you the various activities that you can develop during your stay here. We will take you around all the best places, with the right equipment for the tasks and help of qualified teams, for unique experiences in your life.

 Surf Lessons

You have at your disposal three different levels of surfing lessons according to your wave experience.

If this is your first experiment or you are still new to it, try the beginner level.

If you already have some experience, but have not yet evolved to the level of the waves, you can try the intermediate level.

In the end, if you already know the waves, the sea and the tides advance to the advanced level.

What is the beginner course?

The beginner surfing course is for you that you have never tried before, you want to have the first experience on the water or you have not surfed for a while and you want to follow the basics one more time and update your surf basics again

We'll have a lot of fun with you, and we'll help you catch your first waves of white water. Our experienced instructors will make sure that you develop your skills according to your level.

The goal is to have fun together!

What will you learn?

We will go through the basic basic theory and navigation techniques and teach you how to transport your surfboard to catch waves. The goal of our instructors is to create an encouraging environment where you learn as much as possible during the course. The purpose of the course is to be able to navigate small waves of white water alone.


Mountain biking is known as off-road cycling or mountain biking - a way to get hours of fun and full of adrenaline. It is an adventure sport, in which the main objective is to cross several types of routes with various irregularities and obstacles. This works a bit like trekking, a sport for hiking, with the difference that the btt is done on top of a mountain bike. Btt is practiced on dirt roads, mountain trails, mountains, parks and even on some paths that can be built in a city.We offer the possibility to venture through different routes and discover exceptional places that otherwise would never discover!

Yoga Sessions

"Yoga means union. The Union of the individual Soul with the universal Spirit is Yoga. 
But this is too abstract a notion to be easily understood, so for our level of understanding I say that Yoga is the union of body 
with the mind, and mind with the soul." 
BKS Iyengar, Tree of Yoga.

Enjoy your stay to relax and make a perfect union between body, mind and soul!


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